Thursday is my night...

Well, I went to bed happy last night! With thoughts of Dean and Sam running around in my head. What a funny show. Dean's knowledge about the obscure details of all horror movies was hilarious. Apparently Sam must have slept away most of his life cause he didn't seem to have seen anything.

The only two complaints I have is about the food thing...ewwww...why does it have to be so graphic. Blood and gore I can deal with but not open mouth chewing, even on someone as pretty as Dean. And Sam is permanently etching deep frown lines in his face, even when he tries to smile, they stay.

And the part where Sam catches Dean coming out of the girl's trailer...priceless. Was I imagining good old Sammy's jealousy? He looked really uncomfortable and twitchy didn't he.

Smallville stumped me. I need a translator. Of course, I was on the phone, trying to clean up the kitchen, and various other things so I could have missed key points. Was that Linda Carter? If not, it sure looked like her. I am so hopelessly behind on this show. Hey, but I loved the blurb all about Clark and Lex's lost "friendship."

I think I am coming home early today. What work is not done will just have to stay undone until Monday.

Everything For You, Star Wars EU, Jaina Solo, Anakin/Jacen Solo, Rated PG

Title: Everything For You
Author: moisture_farmer
Fandom: Star Wars EU
Characters: Jaina Solo, Anakin Solo/Jacen Solo
Word Count: around 355
Rating: Rated PG
Warnings: Implied inappropriate relationship between siblings.
Disclaimers: Don't own or profit from these characters.
Summary: Jaina Solo suspects her brothers are up to something and she attempts to find out what it is.

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This story was written for the Big Sister's Thoughts Drabble at the jedi_brothers community.

I'm complaining again...

What a drab, boring day. It is so quiet here at work. I'm siting here listing in my head the thousands things I could be doing AT HOME. But...when you need to make money you usually have to have a job so here I stay. But wouldn't it be nice to have the freedom to just get up and leave it all? Just walk out, get in the car and keep driving until you got to a new place.

I picked up a new Sue Henry book a couple of days ago. This one's another one about the older woman who RV's around the country with no one but her dog. Both husbands have passed away, leaving her well provided for, and she does what she wants, goes where she wants, talks to who she wants. Must be wonderful to have that freedom.

Let's see...I'm trying to think how old I'll be when my youngest is finished with school. Not too old, as long as my health's good. But you know what will happen? I'll be stuck taking care of my husband. He'll have health problems out the wazoo and my last days will be spent taking care of him, giving medicine and changing diapers and listening to him rant and rave. Do you think he'll take care of me if I get sick? No, I KNOW he wouldn't, he might pay for someone else to and then stick me in a hole somewhere. Yeah, I know I sound crazy and selfish but I've been helping to take care of other people since before I was 10 and I'm sick of it. If I liked taking care of people I would have been a nurse, they make damn good money.

I don't like funerals...

I need to attend a funeral this morning. I really don't want to go. Why oh why didn't I go to the wake yesterday and then I could have gotten out of going to the service? I just wasn't thinking clearly. You're thinking I'm not very respectful. Well...I didn't particularly like the deceased. Our families knew each other forever but I don't remember her as ever being friendly.

And what to wear. My black dress is too snug in the hips and looking a bit worn anyway. I'd rather wear slacks only they're fading, my black ones are. Maybe it wouldn't be too noticeable inside the church, the lighting's usually a little dim. And my hair...need to just cut it off, it's all ratty, can't do anything with it with the weather like it is. Won't curl, won't stay straight either.

Maybe I could just ride off somewhere by myself and hide for the day. I've been wanting to so bad. But you know what will of the children will get sick at school and everyone will be searching for me or my dumbass husband will finally fall off his ladder or my father-in-law will keel over for good this time. Some catastrophy would happen.

(no subject)

We went to see The Reaping. It was good, better than some I've seen lately. I enjoyed seeing Hilary Swank in a different role, she's such an interesting actress. The scenery was good, in the south, you could practically feel the sweat and the mosquitos and other creepy crawlies that frequent that area. The only thing that bothered me was the actress who played the young girl, I can't remember her name. She was on Bridge to Terabithia and I liked her on that one. I did not like her in this movie for some reason. There was just something a little jarring every time they showed her up close, somehow she didn't fit the part.

There was a preview of another movie I want to see. I can't remember the name now. A couple checks into a motel in a small town and find out their every move is being watched and that previous guests had been murdered. A friend also recommended Disturbia to me but I don't know if I'll be able to see it before it leaves the theatre here.

I'm not going to the dentist...

I felt the unmistakeable twinges of a tooth going bad. I KNOW...I have lots of experience with this. You know why, don't you? It's because my paycheck will be a little more than usual this time. And no, I do not have dental insurance in any way, shape, or form. I don't even have my doctor bill from two months ago payed off yet. So I am not allowed to be sick again yet and especially not to have a tooth that needs anything at all done to it.